Headline: Creative ways to spend time with friends this holiday season. Surrounded by snowflakes and a border of presents on the bottom.

Creative ways to spend time with friends this Holiday Season

Are you looking for new ways to spend time with friends this holiday season?  Are holiday parties and Christmas cards feeling stale? Overwhelmed by the pressure to buy gifts for friends? Today, I want to dive into ways to spend time

Friendsgiving Potluck Sign up Sheet

We’ve all been to a Friendsgiving that doesn’t have a Friendsgiving Sign Up Sheet. You know what I am talking about – the ones where you hear, “Oh… S + J also brought sweet potato casseroles” as you carry yours
How to Host an Open House Party

How to Host an Open House Party

What is an Open House Party? To me, an open house party is a low-stress and low-impact get-together for both hosts and guests. A sort of “show up as you are, if you are able” gathering, possibly a recurring get-together
How to Host Friendsgiving. Holidays. On the left is a polaroid of friends gathered around two large tables

How to Host Friendsgiving

“How to Host Friendsgiving,” you ask. Well, I have hosted many Friendsgivings + Thanksgivings at this point. I have probably roasted 30 turkeys at this point, made hundreds of pounds of mashed potatoes, and decorated, organized, and hosted. What is

Tips and Tricks for “Gifting a Meal”

There are so many reasons to gift someone a meal – a new baby, a lost loved one, an illness. Breaking down all the tips and tricks to nourish that person. If you’ve ever wondered what to makes a good gifted meal – or what time to deliver – or whether you stay or go.

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