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How to Host an Open House Party

How to Host an Open House Party

What is an Open House Party? To me, an open house party is a low-stress and low-impact get-together for both hosts and guests. A sort of “show up as you are, if you are able” gathering, possibly a recurring get-together

More about Everyday Get-Together

What is an everyday get together?

It’s easier to get together friends when you keep things simple. No simpler. Even simpler.

We want casual ways to spend time with friends. Low-stress, low-planning.
Everyday get-togethers require some vulnerability. You are letting friends into your everyday life, just like many people do with their family.

Let go of the pressures to only let friends in when everything is perfect.

You don’t always need to throw a big party, spend hours cleaning for guests, or host an event. Instead, just invite friends into your everyday life.

What are some examples of everyday get together friends?

· Backyard BBQ · A casual weeknight hang out · Games night! Virtual or IRL · Movie Night · Create a text group · Sunday brunch at home · Sunday football in sweatpants · Hanging out and reading or working · Running Errands together ·

Why are everyday get-togethers important for friendships?

For example, a clean house, a perfect outfit, an Instagram-worthy party. Forget about that and focus on creating sharing in everyday moments.

Check out more about Alex’s Roots Theory to find out why spending time together is so important + how imperfect action is the key to success in friendships.

In this section, you will find:

· Tips · Tricks · Event ideas · Things to do with New and Old Friends · Games ·Ways to Connect · The Simplest of Party Ideas ·

The less planning the better! Just send out a text invite and get-together.

Questions? Ask away!

Are you planning to get together friends? I’m even happy to answer specific questions about what you are planning!

Shoot me an email and make a post request.