NYC Food List


Get yo ass here now

Prince Street Pizza – pepperoni to die for. Marherita sauce is amaze balls 

Russ and Daughters— Pastrami Russ and Pumpernickle, lox schmear, tomatoes and capers 

Katz – Matzoh Ball Soup + Pastrami Sandwich 

Fresh Noodles –Lamb + Cumin Noodles 

Mace + Matcha for cocktails

Won’t Be disappointed + worth your money/time

Los Dios Tacos – Adobado + Nepal

Roberta’s Pizza

Cream Line – Eggnog Milk shake 

Mixed Nuts– Nuts 4 Nuts 

JG Melon — Bacon CheeseBurger

Not worth a line/wait, but very happy we are here 

Primi – grilled octopus, squid ink pasta, lamb bucatini 

Milk Bar – Corn & Compost Cookie

Essa Bagel (Seriously, order online. The lines are insane.) 

Cha Cha Matcha 

Delicious, but don’t go out of your way 

Two Hands- healthy breakfast 

2nd Ave – Corned Beef Sandwich, Matzoh, potato Pancake 

Grand Central Oyster Bar — oysters Rockefeller  Italian Sandwich

Mistakes were made so you don’t have to 

Dekalb Market  – Ribs

Yonah Schimmel – Potato Knish  

East Village Pizza

Augur Wells – beers + Cider

Straight up threw it away

Dekalb Market Forgae  – Soup

Street Cart Hot Dog – my mistake. I got a ballpark dog

Wanna Eat Next Time

Barney Greengrass – Anthony Bourdain Lox + Scrambled Eggs

Levain Bakery Cookie

Bolivian Llama Party — In Columbus Circle Subway

Ok, that is the end of our list. HOWEVER, we also have this great list from a friend, which I don’t plan to publish, but thought I would throw in here for you. It’s the massive list below.

My only final note — dependning on what you want to do, we did the two day city pass and it was SO worthwhile. We got to see all sorts of sites and would honestly probably do it on one more trip someday just to see the thigns we didn’t get to.

Hope your trip is a blast!! – Alex


  • My girlfriend said she just stream-of-conscious put this together, so pardon any incoherent thoughts.
  • In general, food is her thing – she’s never steered me wrong. I’d highly walking a ton and eating your way through the city.
  • If I could make one recommendation, it’s that when you’re in Williamsburg (which you should make happen), get a pizza at Roberta’s. It’s so, so good.

 If you have any follow-up questions, let me know. We go to NYC a few times a year, and my girlfriend grew up in the area. Otherwise, have an awesome trip!  

NYC – food, and a weekend itinerary

Eating Classic NYC Grub

These days, I would probably not eat any of this, but if it’s your first trip to NYC, you’re allowed and encouraged to eat all of the ‘iconic’ items that make up the smell of the city air.

-A street gyro. You’ll pass plenty of guys with gyro stalls. If you’re a big eater or have a lunch to spare, it’s a sub-$10 lunch that’s packed with who-knows-what kind of gyro meat, all the good sauces, and a soft, buttery naan.

-Nuts4Nuts – everywhere. Found by the sweet, intoxicating smell of roasted nuts. This is a must-have snack. Spend a couple bucks on a little paper baggie of roasted cashews.

-Pizza: San Matteo, Diavola, Scarrs-Deli: Delis are a real thing in NYC, and Katz’s Delicatessen is famous for a reason. An iconic Jewish deli for the most loaded, delicious sammy.

-Bagels: –

Other: levains chocolate chip cookie, laduree macarons, any baked good from the massive line at dominque ansel bakery, baked by melissa mini cupcakes 


-Egg shop – kind of gimmicky but good, everything is egg based

-Two Hands – Aussie breakfast (classic and homey) and good coffee

-Cafe Mogador- middle eastern, like halloumi eggs, hummuses, etc.

-russ and daughter – the place for the classic bagel spread with lox and the works 

Healthyish Fast Casual-ish, Hip (a true category in NYC)

-Gertie (Williamsburg), for homemade bread, rustic pastries, simple rotisserie classics, and a beautiful, childlike interior

-Miss Ada (brooklyn) – Israeli, all the dips and shawarmas and chicken livers and pitas

-Olmsted (Brooklyn) – a dope chef (by experience) who makes delightfully creative and delicious stuff like carrot crepes

-Hu Kitchen – $15 meal, one of the first paleo restaurants in the country. You might see a few sweaty sixpacks in there or a model grabbing lunch. The food is awesome and made with delicious, whole foods. Very fast casual, order at the counter. Expect to leave with a latte and paleo pumpkin bread.

-Cafe Clover (pricier), but the kinda place that’s mostly not gonna make you feel bad about yourself

-dig inn, springbone, both northeast spots that are super healthy, $13 meals, really filling delicious feels homemade think sweet potatos, avo, roasted chicken, beets, etc.

-westbourne – a very beloved australian inspired vegetable forward spot with cute decor, good plating, and interesting flavors in simple dishes


-gohan – japanese, but not just sushi, cool homey stuff 


-Superiority burger – loved by nonvegans, a fun spot with super high quality ingredients at affordable <$10 prices.

-ABCV – an upscale, beautiful restaurant beloved by vegans and nonvegans, though i think its vegetarian? Known for the iconic massive dosa with avo and yog

-Dirt Candy – an upscale playful place that does crazy stuff to vegetables, never been, a staple 

-Jajaja plantas – I love this place. It’s in LES (lower east side) and it’s adorable and tiny and super hip inside. All the tacos are really affordable, creative/funky, and 100% vegan, with lots of gf options.

-le botaniste – raw, unique, stuff like coconut ceviche, def nicer

-hangawi – a korean vegan spot! very fun and tasty, really healthy, like sesame tofu patties, mung-pumpkin cakes, etc.

-erin mckennas vegan/gf bakery

-ladybird – vegan small plates and cocktails

-bunna – 100% vegan ethiopian

-sol sips – organic healthy vegan spot with fun casual stuff like avocado mushroom melts

-double zero – matthew kenney pizza-wine bar (nicer spot, where you take a vegan biddy on a date kinda place). He also has xyst (mediterannean vegan), and some other spots.  

Upscale Foodie Food

-Cosme or Atla. By acclaimed Mexican-American female chef, amazing, the duck carnitas at cosme is legendary. Cosme for lunch is a pretty good deal

-Sushi: Sushi Noz, hit up the side room where the sushi is *only* $175, and the omakase will blow your mind. The bar costs nearly double, with crazy shows by the chef, but like, who needs that.

-Le Bernardin – Eric Ripert’s 3-michelin-starred homage to French seafood. Go here for lunch, available for walk-ins and $93. 

-Momofuku Kawi – go for lunch, for under $30. Amazing Korean-fusion upscale foodie food for sure. Any Mokofuku restaurant (the upscales or the casual fries chicken spot) will leave you super well fed and impressed with David Chang’s inventive approach to Korean food and craveable flavors

-Atomix, a michelin-starred 10 course tasting menu with fun Korean dishes and a very playful atmosphere for $205

-Rezdora – pasta focused by a chef who trained at Osteria Francescana in Modena – IKYK. Beautiful, absurdly decadent and authentic pasta dishes.

-Cafe Clover – apps in the 20s, entrees in the 30s, things like shrimp dumplings, coconut broth, chickpea hushpuppies, etc.

-L’Artusi Italian in West vil, or Don Angie  

Very Ethnic Food

New York is obviously the place for the best of every ethnic cuisine in America, so it’s always worth it, to me, to have at least one meal from a cuisine you wouldn’t normally have at home. Here are some of the greatest hits.

-Ethiopian: Injera

-Senegalese: Africa Kine – expect stuffed fish, lamb in peanut curry, and bold flavors.

-Oaxacan: La Morada in the Bronx – absurdly complex mole preparations, six total. A legit hole in a wall that doubles as a community center where the food is basically as close as it gets to ‘homemade’

BolivianBolivian Llama Party – a teeny counter stall in the columbus circle subway. The pastry stuffed with a soupy meaty filling will be a good $8 spent.

-Farida – Central Asian food with lamb dumplings and quirky decor. Feels like you’re overseas.

-Rahi – innovative Indian food in the village-Ramen: EAK in west village

-Fishcheeks – deeeeeelicious seafood-based thai food, very hip, inventive dishes. Try the chefs selection, $45/person and expect fun stuff like manila curried clams

-Win Son – East Williamsburg Taiwanese food that is so creative and funky, like the scallion pancakes that are stuffed with beef tartare. Yes.

-Mogador – moroccan

-Venezuelan? – patacon pisao – a $10 sandwich where the bread is smashed plantains, it’s filled with guac and carnitas, and you will leave actually in love 

Day 1

-Walk, starting nice and early, as much of 5th ave as your feet will allow you, starting around union square and heading north.. If you’re super into health food, start at Hu Kitchen with a paleo breakfast or baked good and coffee to go

-On your way, check out the empire state building general area and try and snag a essabagel (don’t go up the tower), also along your walk, pop into grand central station, and check out the rockefeller center

-Grab a nitro draft oat milk latte from La Colombe, or an overpriced chai latte from Bluestone

-Visit the MoMA or the Met. I much prefer the MoMA or the natural history, because ancient stuff puts me to sleep after about 5 minutes. It’s magnificent to almost everyone though, with its enormous collection size and quality. You’ll find everything from Roman statues to Renaissance oil paintings to revived royal rooms, as well as a few more modern exhibits. It used to be pay what you want, but that’s only if you can whip out a student ID or are a NY resident. The MoMA is obviously all modern and funky which i personally enjoy, and free from 4-8 on Fridays, but I have no clue how packed it gets then. In general, museums are busy, but less busy during weekday working hours. I am not a fan of the guggenheim, i find it kind of boring besides the building itself, which is cool.

-After the museum, walk through Central Park, using a map to not get overly lost…if you want a little DIY meal, hit up Zabar’s first, a little grocer, to grab fresh bagels, smoked fish, cheeses, etc. 

-Head to Chelsea Market, an indoor food hall, maybe grab some food or a snack, then explore the neighborhood, very hip and packed with fun shops and pretty cobblestone streets, before hopping on the high line and walking south.

-Walk along the high line

-Finish your night with an overpriced cocktail at Sundowners at Top of the Standard on the highline for the views and the vibes 

-Have dinner in the West Village. Some options – Nice Inventive American: Cafe Clover, Indian at Rahi, Ethiopian at Injera, high end/quality Italian at L’artusi, Emily for good burgers/pizza, 

-Finish with dessert from Momofuku Milk Bar, an essential

-Then, head to a late night show at UCB (Upright Citizens Brigade), where most SNL heroes were born. My fave show is ASSSCAT, but you need to look for tix in advance. These improv shows are explicit and generally amazing. 

Day 2 – brooklyn

brooklyn is huge – i haven’t put together a walking map yet, so use something like this or this to figure out streets and routes. be ok with random walking but also this is a huge set of hoods to potentially uber/rail between, but try to prioritize the main streets on google maps (with the tan outlines) and/or google best streets to walk in brooklyn

Brooklyn all day – all of this area of brooklyn and bushwick and wburg are all meant for lots of walking and exploring

-Get to the manhattan side of the brooklyn bridge, and walk across to enter

-walk along brooklyn bridge park and pier looking back at manhattan

-check out dekalb market, an underground mini food hall

-the brooklyn grange, world’s largest soil rooftop garden, has cool courses and events

-in the summer, the brooklyn 1 hotel is epic on the rooftop

-Bagel at Bagel Pub

-Five Leaves for brunch aka ricotta pancakes

-Walk Bedford ave in Williamsburg for cool shops. Williamsburg is confusing, use a map or something like this or this to make sure you walk on actually cool streets

-Lunch at Sofreh or pizza at the infamous Robertas

-in the summer, smorgasborg is outdoors, in the winter, its in williamsburg (look up address) – its a huge indoor market that’s pretty amazing with food and vendors

-Near Robertas, absolutely check out Sey Coffee and Fine and Raw Chocolate

-Check out the art in Bushwick and Williamsburg. Look for “The bushwick collective” a moderately shady (totally safe in daylight) hood with incredible street art, very well known

-love prospect park for a run or walk, it’s brooklyns central park and beautiful

-Maybe grab a film at Nitehawk, brooklyns first dinner and a movie theater

-if time, pioneer works has cool exhibits and workshops

-another fun night option is royal palms shuffleboard club, a hip spot with DJs, food trucks, games, etc. Alternatively, the bell house is great for everything from shows to dance parties. check out the schedule

-if you can fit in modern love, i love it. sophisticated vegan food but homey and southern  

Day 3 – sunday

-Start the morning at Equinox hudson yards – get a reservation online in advance to visit. It’s a cool very new architecturally-driven site with lots of shops, cool art, etc

-Head southwest to Little Italy and have brunch at Two Hands, and matcha from cha cha 

-Go the 9/11 memorial and museum

-Grab lunch at Westbourne or 

-Walk around Soho, West Village, and Little Italy aimlessly, solely referring to google maps to see that you’re in those neighborhoods and on main streets. These hoods are super hip, packed with adorable boutiques, galleries, coffee shops, and beautiful architecture 

-Grab dinner at a special spot

-Dessert – ice cream at Van Leeuwen

-Finish with jazz at Bemelmans Bar in the iconic Carlyle hotel

-PS always try and score cheap broadway tix. Broadway is the best and a quintessential NYC experience. After you show, get late night food always.


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