Navigating Female Friendships and All Their Complexities with Danielle Bayard Jackson | EP77

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Today’s topic is female friendship, and to be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed by the responsibility.

I hear your stories about the intensity, cattiness, and drama of female friendships, but to tell you the truth, it’s been a long time since my friendships involved those extreme experiences. Due to my life’s circumstances, I had to approach friendship differently. Friends are my support system, and I will do all I can – even if it’s uncomfortable – to risk losing a friendship.

Which is why I’m so glad to have a female friendship expert on today: Danielle Bayard Jackson, host of the Friend Forward podcast, is a coach, educator, and author of Fighting for Our Friendships, which is a total game-changer and a book I cannot recommend enough.

Today, we talk about all the depth and complexities of this relationship – including, most importantly, the joy of female friendships, which, at their height, allow us to be seen and accepted for who we are.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Danielle’s background as an English teacher, where she observed the academic impact friendship had on her students
  • The fragility of female friendships and the pressure women are often under to juggle the needs of others (as mothers, wives, employees, daughters, sisters, caregivers, etc.)
  • Why women often look for emotional support from their platonic female friendships more than their romantic partners
  • The high expectations of female friendships and Danielle’s advice for navigating the pressure associated with these relationships (HINT: communication is key!)
  • Navigating healthy conflict and gender expectations, and how to build resilience so we can put ourselves out there

Resources & Links:

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Hi. I'm Alex.

I'm just a gal who cares deeply about community + friendship. Why? Well, I didn't have a healthy support system growing up.

So I built one... out of friends. I believe a healthy support system is the ultimate self-care.

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