Just two friends creating cool shit.

Are we the right fit for you?

US: We (well… really Alex) like to talk about the power of friendship, community, and connection. 
YOU: Your brand helps people connect and we’ll find the best way to showcase that. 

US: We like to think outside the box, take risks, get creative. 
YOU: You want content that doesn’t just fill space on your social media calendar, but instead is actually captivating.

Them: "Don't work with your friends." Us: "We'll do what we want."

Alex + Sheena met in 2012? 2013? It’s been so long we don’t exactly remember, but we do remember saying Hello to each other at various wedding industry networking meetings. 

You see, we were both luxury wedding planners for over a decade building extravagant events for our clients. 

Event industry burnout hit us both hard in 2018 and we each respectively ventured out on our own creative paths. 

In 2020 we came back together when Alex messaged Sheena one day to say, “I am looking for someone to be an illustrator for my brand. I know that’s not really what you do, but I love you style. Know of anyone I could reach out to ?” 

She said, “I’ll do it!” 

And thus our business partnership began. 

Alex is Host of the Friendship IRL podcast, Author, Speaker, and content creator focused on Community + Friendship. She is helping people reframe how they approach these vital relationships in their lives. 

Sheena started a multi-medium creative firm – She does creative direction for small business social media, Speaker focused on Habits to capturing the important moments in your life, and in addition to all her various creative ventures she is the illustrator for Alex’s brand.

I let Chat GPT write a draft of our About Story… I’ll let you enjoy this masterpiece haha.

Once Upon a Time we both planned weddings…

The year was somewhere between 2012 and 2013 – time flies when you’re just trying to survive your endless todo lists – Fate (and a touch of wedding industry magic) brought these two together. They each worked at their own respective companies, but the events industry is basically one big family surviving on collaboration so their paths crossed often whether it was at a networking event, a request to lend a hand, or a phone call asking for advice.

From Extravagant Affairs to Creative Detours

Most thought that Alex and Sheena would be planning weddings forever, but ever story needs a plot twist and ours was… event industry burnout leaving us both in need of a new storyline.

Undaunted and driven by their creative spirits, they ventured into uncharted territory.

The Serendipitous Reunion of 2020

Then, in the year of all things unpredictable – 2020 – destiny whispered to Alex. With a spark of curiosity and a dash of fate, she reached out to Sheena. The message was simple, yet profound: “Hey, I’m on the hunt for an illustrator, someone who can breathe life into my brand. Know anyone?” And like a fairy godmother in the making, Sheena chimed in with the most unexpected response: “I’ll do it!”

With that, the tale of their extraordinary partnership began.

Alex: The Maestro of Friendship

A jack-of-all-trades in the realm of human connections, Alex dons many hats. She’s the charming Host of the “Friendship IRL” podcast, a magnetic Author, an inspiring Speaker, and a brilliant Content Creator. Her mission? To rewrite the rulebook on community and friendship, showing us all how these bonds shape our lives.

Sheena: The Artistic Enchantress

Meet Sheena, the modern-day sorceress of creativity. Having cast her spell on the event industry, she now weaves her magic through a multi-medium creative firm. From breathing life into small business social media with her creative direction to sharing the secrets of capturing life’s most precious moments through speaking engagements, Sheena’s talents know no bounds. And in the midst of all this, she’s also the enchanting illustrator behind Alex’s brand.

Together: Writing a New Chapter

Alex and Sheena’s journey proves that friendships forged in the fires of creativity and shared dreams can be the most magical of all. With a dash of spontaneity, a sprinkle of whimsy, and a whole lot of passion, they’re rewriting their stories and inviting you to join them on this exciting adventure.

So, here’s to the two marvelous friends who turned chance encounters into a harmonious partnership. Here’s to the creative spirits who refuse to be confined by convention. And here’s to Alex and Sheena, the imaginative duo who are proving that when life hands you a plot twist, you grab your quills and start writing your own happily ever after! 🌟

We stick to our strengths.


I think outside the box and create content that reframes how we approach friendship + community in our lives.



Sheena makes things fun. She takes the content and pushes it to the next level with fun visuals and creative transitions.


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Our Process

Discovery call: Alex + Sheena both hop on a call with you. Alex focuses on how your brand goals can be enhanced with her unique spin on connection. Sheena focuses on how to make this so engaging that your audience can’t possibly scroll past it.

Pitch + Contract: Alex + Sheena present a brief overview. We agree on deliverables and timelines. 

Draft: We come up with our unique spin and deliver a storyboard to you for approval.

Filming: That’s where the magic happens!

Editing: Sheena pulls everything together and works her magic. 

Final Approval: We send videos (and photos) to you for final approval. 

Let's Talk!

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