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Friendship IRL


Ever noticed how much we talk about romantic, family, and parent-child relationships, while friendships often get the silent treatment? 

Welcome to “Friendship IRL,” the Podcast where we dive deep into what’s working (and what isn’t) in our friendships.

Think of our episodes as a coffee date with your closest pal, filled with real stories that’ll make you nod and say, “Yep, been there!” And here’s the kicker – we’re not stopping at stories.

Get ready for practical advice you can actually use to supercharge your own friendships.

By the end of each episode, you won’t just be nodding at the familiar stories – you’ll be all set to take action and nurture those meaningful friendships.
Eager to uncover what it truly takes to cultivate connections through life’s twists and turns? Come join the Friendship IRL community – let’s explore the path to more authentic friendships together.

The Short story?

Alex Alexander

I care deeply about friendships + community. 

I didn’t have a healthy support system growing up.
So, I built one… out of friends.

I believe we can impact our connections, friendships, community and overall support systems more than we've been led to believe.

Words from our listeners

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I just spent my 40th birthday weekend with a menagerie of friends that have shown up and been present my life in all sorts of stages. I want to thank you for your friendship wheel and for the language to describe different friendships. You gave me the language to describe my friendships. I talked about how nobody at that table has the responsibility, including my husband, to be my everything. I told them that being "my everything" is an impossible role to fill. Friendship isn't all-or-nothing that there's spectrums of friendship. There's there's roles that we all fill, and that collectively, the people sitting around the table make me feel so full and loved.
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