community + Friendships that

look good

feel good.

sounds nice, but, how?
An illustration of Alex Alexander leaning against a table surrounded by people in the background depicting friendship
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hi. I'm ALEX

Photo of Alex Alexander sitting holding a mug of coffee smiling with her hand on her chin with a plain pink background

i’m just a gal who cares a lot about community + friendship.


The short answer?

i didn’t have a healthy support system growing up, so i built one.

Out of friends.

i believe a healthy support system is the ultimate self-care.

 …”Cool, Alex. What does that actually mean?”

…”What actions do I take to make that happen?”

That’s exactly what we talk about here. 

No fluffy quotes.
No statistics.

Just a lot of actionable conversation. 

That friend...

The one that says the things that everyone is thinking, but no one wants to say out loud.

that's me.

Every week I send out all the thoughts that feel a bit too personal to post on the interwebs permanently.

So... do you want to hear my thoughts?

The secret to better friendships?
Do Less.
Need this!
Let's rethink friendship:
10 tips that will change your relationships
Want this!
what makes relationships last?
Let's talk about roots.
I'm Intrigued!

The workbook

Your Community, Your Way

You can impact your friendships more than you have been led to believe.

Overhaul your mindset + habits.
create the community you need.

Your Community, Your Way - The Workbook Cover on a drawn notebook. The cover of a workbook about friendship.

This workbook is the foundation of everything I talk about.

Don’t want to wait for me to share this content on social media + blog posts? 

Want a one-stop-shop for everything you need to start being proactive towards building the friendships + community you long for? 

This is it.

Reflecting on where you are.
Determine what you want.
Learn how to build it for yourself. 

Inside you'll find a fresh take on community + friendship with advice like "Do Less" and "Make it simpler. No, even simpler."

This guide will give you actionable ways to impact this area of your life. Similar to getting out of debt or starting a new business -- You need a fresh way of thinking + a game plan.

Both of which you'll find within the pages of this workbook.

I want it!
Your Community, Your Way - The Workbook Cover on a drawn notebook. The cover of a workbook about friendship.

Find your version of "feels good"

I'm celebrating