community + Friendships that
look good
feel good.
sounds nice, but, how?
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hi. I'm ALEX

i’m just a gal who cares a lot about community + friendship.


The short answer?

i didn’t have a healthy support system growing up, so i built one.

Out of friends.

i believe a healthy support system is the ultimate self-care.

     …”Cool, Alex. What does that actually mean?”
     …”What actions do I take to make that happen?”

That’s exactly what we talk about here. 

No fluffy quotes.
No statistics.

Just a lot of actionable conversation. 

That friend who says the things that everyone is thinking, but no one wants to say out loud -- that's me.
Speech Bubble that says "Do you want my thoughts?"

Every week, I send out all the thoughts that feel a bit too personal to post on the interwebs permanently.

The kinds of musings I tell my closest friend. Ramblings about community as a form of revolution. Thoughts on what worked and lots about what didn’t. 

So, do you want to hear my thoughts?

start here

Lean in. I’ve got a secret for you

you are probably trying to doing too much.

So the first step is to take a couple things off your plate.

After that you’ll want to make one small goal for the month.

Just one.

small actions add up.

you want this

Everyone is unique and that includes how we like to connect with our people, share in our friendships and build a community.

The Community Audit is a workbook that will guide you through a deep dive into your current community+ how you like to show up. It will help you design a plan for how to act intentionally to cultivate the community you are dreaming of. 

Find your version of "feels good."

consider this

We set all sorts of goals — health, finance, career, family, romantic. 

It’s a well known fact accountability helps us achieve our goals. 

You want to make new friends or join a group or work on old friendships, but you are nervous? Maybe things don’t work out? 

Let's get a group together and make things happen! 

the community audit

Find Your version of "feels good"

Here is your road map.
Act intentionally.

The Community Audit is here!

How can you make an impact on your friendships + community if you don't even know what kinds of goals to set? What kinds of actions to take? What will make a difference? The community audit takes you from "I feel lonely" to "I can meet the kind of people I want to meet by going to the gym" or "I can get closer to a friend by trying something new with them." *Dear Alex --- come on now. better transformation goes here.**

I'm celebrating