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A Long List of Meal Train Ideas – Take a Meal to Someone

One of the joys of having a community is having a network of people who can help in little ways when life feels overwhelming. Another joy is being a part of a community that can cumulatively shepherd someone through a
When Shared Experience Roots Grow + Change with an image of a tree with roots in the background. There is a category marker that says friendship and the bottom says

Shared Experience Roots : Grow + Change

If you’re wondering how to keep friendships alive, look no further! Friendships centered around a single shared experience, such as work, can be meaningful and fulfilling. However, if you don’t recognize that your friendship is relying on this single root,
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How to Introduce a Friend [+ Examples]

Why does “introducing my friends” matter in the grand scheme of things? Although society may tell us to simply make a few friends and hold onto them for life, this is not usually how our social lives play out. Everyone
Types of Friends in your life - A framework to understand your family, friends, and community. The ultimate self-care is building yourself a robust support system. Includes an diagram of the framework with the various types people in our lives.

Types of Friends in Your Life

Reflecting on the Types of Friends in Your Life Because everyone’s community is unique, everyone has different types of friends. But no matter how satisfied, hopeful, or frustrated you may feel with your friendships right now, there are several specific
Story roots are your key to strong friendships.

Story Roots

My friend, A, has a daughter, B – seriously – those are their first initials.B came home from her first day of kindergarten and proudly announced, “Mom! I’ve found my best friend.” “What makes her a best friend?” A asked

Why Community, and not just Friendship?

Does our society value friendships? Does our society value friendships?I’d argue we don’t.Why? We are straight to value our true friends, real friends, lifelong friends. But here is the thing — if we genuinely placed value on friendships, we’d value

Emotional Intimacy Roots

Close and supportive friendships have a strong system of roots holding them together. It’s not enough to create the roots, we need to act on them. Let’s talk about how to use your emotional intimacy roots to build and strengthen

Shared Experience Roots

We meet and spend time with friends somewhere. Slowly over time, we develop Shared Experience Roots with them. Shared Experience Roots are often (but not always) the first roots you develop with new friends.  You’ll constantly need to grow new shared experience
The Three Kinds of Roots - The key to lasting friendship

The Three Kinds of Roots

Want to build lasting friendships? It’s helpful to understand what holds your friendships together if you want them to last – ROOTS. Your friendships are like a tree. A tree starts as just a seed (or any of the other
In Search Of: A Way to Describe Friendship

ISO: A way to describe friendship

An excerpt from an email I received recently: ‘I’m so in awe about your ability to craft a theory around something that everyone knows what is, but barely anyone (including myself) has taken the time to really think about it

More about Friendship

Yes, This is a Blog about Friendship

Hello! Yes, this is a blog about community and friendship. In fact, this is one of the very few friendship blogs I’ve found on the internet.

We talk about the HOW of friendship + community.

When it comes to friendship, most people talk about two things.

  1. Why friendship is important
  2. Generic ideas about friendship, with very few real life examples of how people are balancing these relationships in real life

The friend advice you will find around here — real-life ​stories about all kinds of friendships.

· New friends · True friends · Changing friendships · Friend Groups ·Ending Friendships · Creating sustainable friend groups · Old friendships · College Friendships · 

You’ll find friendship advice but in the form of stories and real-life experiences. There’s also a healthy bit of brainstorming of potential ideas too. Please explore and find the advice on friendships that feels right to you.

If you are having friend problems, this is the right place! There are tons of blogs about friendship troubles of all kinds. Dig in and find something similar. If you don’t see anything, shoot Alex an email, and let’s chat.

Making new friends? We talk about that too! Likely, there are people in your life that you don’t even realize are potential friends. We just need to invest more time into those relationships. Learn more about Alex’s Roots Theory here.

How does love affect friendships? Let’s talk about it.

Want to share about the friendship in your life?

Reach out. We are always looking to broaden the experiences we share on this blog about friendship, community, and relationships.

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