I help people redefine community + friendship so they can build the connections they desire.

I believe your work will save lives. Literally.
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Alex Alexander is a founder, speaker, podcaster and soon-to-be author. Her work focuses on community & friendship, specifically how relationships are working (or not working) in our everyday lives. Alex’s work will leave you with tangible examples of how you might build your own version of a support system that feels good. 

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I'm really thankful that I found your podcast. Every time I listen to an episode, I feel like, "Oh, I'm not weird. This is a normal feeling. Other people have felt this... Great." You don't stop there. You also say, "Okay, now, if you want to be here instead of there, this is how you can work towards that." And of course, not everything works for everybody. But I feel like the way that you go about sharing information allows everyone to put their own individuality into it.
Kristian James
Friendship IRL Podcast Listener

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Tap into the true value of your relationships for personal and collective growth.

Shocking numbers reveal that over 50% of Americans have felt deeply lonely in the past year. Loneliness and feeling disconnected are often pinpointed as the root cause behind some of the societies most intense challenges, such as mental health issues, substance abuse, high rates of violence, and suicide. But amidst all this, one essential question remains: What can we, as individuals, do to better our social well-being?

There are endless opportunities to discuss, read about, or optimize romantic and familial relationships, but when it comes to friendships – not so much. Our friendships and community relationships are the missing piece we aren’t acknowledging. 

Alex specializes in teaching the mechanics of friendship through relatable stories and actionable advice. She can help your audience reframe how they build relationships and community that facilitate belonging, allow people to show up fully in their lives knowing they have support, and create happier overall lives. With Alex’s guidance, your attendees will learn practical steps to take control of their social lives. They’ll discover that they have the power to build and maintain meaningful connections. From understanding simple yet impactful actions to learning sustainable strategies, Alex empowers each person to reshape their own social well-being.

Alex didn’t have a great family of origin situation, but throughout her teens and 20s, she built a support system out of friends without realizing what she was creating. When her 30s hit, societal pressures to prioritize romantic and familial relationships appeared everywhere. She wasn’t willing to lose her support system, so Alex dove deeper into understanding what was holding her friendships together.  Alex’s work helps people realize they can impact their friendships and overall social well-being more than society has led them to believe. 

In this keynote speech, Alex’s words won’t just be heard – they’ll prompt real change that lingers long after the event is over. If you’re searching for a keynote speaker who can genuinely improve the well-being of your audience, look no further.


Human connection is vital
It’s not only ok to allow different people in your life, but it’s necessary
Your mind is playing tricks on you and costing you meaningful connections.
Here’s how to build what you need before you need it.
We are all still capable of making new friends.
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I just spent my 40th birthday weekend with a menagerie of friends that have shown up and been present my life in all sorts of stages. I want to thank you for your friendship wheel and for the language to describe different friendships. You gave me the language to describe my friendships. I talked about how nobody at that table has the responsibility, including my husband, to be my everything. I told them that being "my everything" is an impossible role to fill. Friendship isn't all-or-nothing that there's spectrums of friendship. There's there's roles that we all fill, and that collectively, the people sitting around the table make me feel so full and loved.
Sheena Kalso
Friendship IRL Podcast Listener

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