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I could seriously talk about a variety of subjects all day —  friendship, community, planning better gatherings, the American Dream or chosen family.

Maybe you want to dive deep into why I hate calling anything “entertaining.” Oh… another fun one would be why I despise the term “best friend.” 

Warning — I’m an open book and I’ll likely share a story that most people would consider a little too personal. 

Looking to have a lively conversation? I’ve been told that podcasts are my best medium. 

↑↑  All press, podcast, and media inquiries go directly to Sarah Blackledge Communications. 


Looking for content? An article?

I value a high-quality end product — one that is throught-provoking, promotes a little healthy controversy, and hopefully starts a conversation at the readers next meet up with friends.

↑↑  All press, podcast, and media inquiries go directly to Sarah Blackledge Communications. 


Speaking Topics

  • Friend Groups: Building Communities in Your Everyday life
  • The Secret to Better Relationships: Do Less. Do What You Love. 
  • Looking for community? Stop Being a Joiner, be a Creator. 
  • Small Actions Add Up: 15 Minutes a Week to Better Friendships

Looking for another topic? I have a long list of topics I’d love to develop. Reach out and let’s brainstorm. 

Event Hosting

After a decade of planning events, I know a thing or two about how to run one. Looking for someone to keep the energy up as you move through your program? What about someone who creates space for reflection after a moving speaker? Reach out and we can talk about creating a program that guests remember for years.  

Panel Moderation

One of my favorite past times is being a connector (just ask anyone who has ever received one of my introduction emails).

Everyone has similarities and connections if you look hard enough. Let me dig deep and connect panelists so we can highlight their varying opinions in a way that lights up your audience.

Brand Partnerships

Social Media Campaigns

Alex is always happy to chat with brands that focus on bringing people together, community, gatherings, friendship, and life events. 

Event + Wedding Consulting

Event Consultations

When a guest leaves your event they should:

Feel something. Do something. Consider something. Take action. 

I am not an event designer in the traditional sense (although I know many great ones if you are looking for one). I don’t worry about flowers or colors or table linens. Instead, I worry about how we are designing your program + your space to captivate your audience.

Instead, I am the conductor of an orchestra trying to find the moments that make you smile or weep or jump for joy.

Events should have highs and lulls.
They should have dramatics and intensity. 
They should make guests feel something. 

Whether you are planning a personal life event, wedding, corporate event, non-profit event, I am happy to work with you to craft an event that leaves its mark.

For smaller, personal events, I offer voice memo consultations where we can brainstorm back and forth. 

Planning a larger event? Wedding, Non-Profit Event, Corporate Event — We can create a longer consulting schedule. 


Events are… a lot.
A lot of time. A lot of energy. A lot of money.

They should make an impact.

What are the end goals of your event?
What do you want your guests to feel?
What actions do you want your guests to take when they leave?

We start from the end goal and work our way backward considering every aspect of your event. We prioritize your resources to ensure leave the biggest impact on your guests and leave them feeling inspired.

Are you sure you can't plan my __________?

I seriously take one, maybe two full planning events a year. Reach out and tell me why I should plan yours. If it’s not the right fit for me, I have a list a mile long of planners to send you to.