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Riverside is an all-in-one podcasting and video recording studio. Love it! Easy to schedule with guests, manage audio levels, export social clips, and more. I’ve never had an issue.


Hosting service. It’s easy to use. There are lots of tutorials on how to get your podcast up and running. Good price point. It allows you to see all your stats. This link gives us both $20.


Otter is AI transcription software. I use it for everything in my business, but for the podcast, I upload all episodes and use it to draft a transcript. I have to clean up the final transcript, but this software gets me 80% of the way there. I also use it to draft podcast episodes, blog posts, and pretty much any other content I create.


I use Calendly to schedule all business meetings, but I have events for both podcast recordings and discovery calls for the podcast. I allow those podcast events on certain days, which allows for me to batch various parts of the podcast process.

Social Media


Social media management and planning tool. It allows you to plan for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebopok, and Pinterest. There are lots of options to repurpose content.


AI system that pulls down videos from all social media platforms without a watermark, saves them in Google Drive, and automatically reposts them to multiple other platforms if you choose. It’s a game-changer for repurposing content.


Powerful tool for graphics, websites, videos, and more.

Business Systems


Project management software that holds everything I do behind the scenes – podcast management, blog management, social media content bank, and more.


It’s an ideal password management system for a team (and personal life). It’s super helpful for sharing passwords in a variety of ways.


It’s a must for working with teams. You can easily show tutorials, provide feedback, or send any other messages. It’s also used for pitching.

Email Marketing


I’ve used most email tools, and Convertkit is my favorite for the price point. Be sure to check out the creator network.



Powerful AI tool that I use to pump out blog posts at lightning speed. I use the AI to pull together the outline, rewrite it with my answers, and then optimize it. Blog posts used to take hours, and now they take <1hr.


For the price point, this is the best SEO keyword tool I’ve found.


This is another AI tool. It allows you to create your own “knowledge base” and update a private library of your work to use with AI. I upload all my podcast show notes and transcripts (all are already public-facing) and use it to pull themes amongst all that content, search for a particular reference, or find quotes related to a specific topic.



This is how I save all articles and documents people send me. They are taggable, searchable, and can open on multiple devices.


Spell check on steroids. Use for all written material


I personally love it, but this is a robust travel planning tool that makes it incredibly easy to plan trips with friends.

I am a participant in various affiliate programs, and I may earn a commission if you click on any of my referral links above and make a purchase. This disclosure is in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines on endorsements and testimonials.

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Hi! I'm Alex.

I am just a person who has spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to understand some of the relationships that I hold most dear. I invite you to join in on the conversation below in the comments section below.

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Hi. I'm Alex.

I'm just a gal who cares deeply about community + friendship. Why? Well, I didn't have a healthy support system growing up.

So I built one... out of friends. I believe a healthy support system is the ultimate self-care.

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