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How to Host an Open House Party

What is an Open House Party? To me, an open house party is a low-stress and low-impact get-together for both hosts and …

How to Host Friendsgiving. Holidays. On the left is a polaroid of friends gathered around two large tables

How to Host Friendsgiving

“How to Host Friendsgiving,” you ask. Well, I have hosted many Friendsgivings + Thanksgivings at this point. I have probably roasted 30 …

There are so many reasons to gift someone a meal - a new baby, a lost loved one, an illness. Breaking down all the tips and tricks to nourish that person. If you've ever wondered what to makes a good gifted meal - or what time to deliver - or whether you stay or go.

PLEASE. Pretty, pretty please stop introducing people by just simply stating their profession. Curious what I suggest you talk about instead? Give this post a read for my full answer -- it's way to long to fit into

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