November 3, 2022

Friendship IRL Podcast

What is a Friend? + The 4 Types of Friends We All Have

Alex Alexander  14:37 You spend a lot of time together. You talk about a lot of topics, you support each other. You share history, you connect in a variety of ways in your life. They might be a work friend,
Friendship IRL Podcast

Your Friendships are as Important as Your Romantic Relationships

Podcast Description Today’s guest is my husband Michael. I know, some of you might be wondering: Alex, you just started a friendship podcast. Why are you bringing your romantic partner on?  But here’s the thing. This romantic partnership supports all
Friendship IRL Podcast

Hello + 5 Ways to Start Thinking Differently About Friendship

I’d venture to say many people aren’t thinking about friendship in their everyday lives. Tune in every Thursday for some thought-provoking conversation about these important relationships! Podcast Description Welcome to the Friendship IRL Podcast! I’m your host, Alex Alexander.  My

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