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Friendship IRL Podcast - Episode 59 - Book Clubs, Bookish Flights, and the People We Read With featuring Kara Infante

Making friends as an adult can be a daunting task when meeting new people with similar interests in town. With age, it often feels like it’s harder to connect with new people. However, finding new people who share your interests can make the process much easier. One great way to meet like-minded individuals and build new connections is by joining a book club. Whether you’ve recently moved to a new area or simply want to expand your social circle, a book club can provide a welcoming and comfortable environment to connect with others.

In a recent episode (#59) of the podcast Friendship IRL, host Alex Alexander delves discusses how finding a book club can be an amazing way to build new connections – whether that is in somewhere you have lived and feel established or in a new city. Kara Infante teaches people

About the Guest: Kara Infante

Kara Infante brings a lifelong passion for books and building community to her podcast, Bookish Flights. After starting her career as a physical therapist, she shifted into full-time parenting for three kids while continuously moving for her husband’s military career.

Craving connection amidst constant relocation, Kara discovered the power of leveraging literature to bridge friendships everywhere she lands. She founded book clubs to foster a sense of belonging and now sustains long-distance reading bonds as another source of stability.

Now as host of her show Bookish Flights, Kara channels her intuition for pairing personalities with reads into episodes introducing thematically-linked trios of page-turners. She also interviews authors and avid readers about the stories that shaped their lives at pivotal times.

Ultimately, books act as vehicles for vulnerability, windows into identity, and bridges across distance. By bonding over favorite fiction in local clubs or through virtual ones, Kara has woven books into the fabric of community at every stop. She inspires listeners to transform reading into meaningful friendships wherever chapters lead.

Understanding the appeal of book clubs

Why Join a Book Club?

Most friendships are formed through shared experiences and spending time together, gradually building a strong connection. For book lovers, joining a book club is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for reading. Book clubs provide a sense of community and offer the opportunity to discuss and delve deeper into various books and literary themes. By joining a book club, you can expand your reading horizons, gain new perspectives, and forge lasting friendships with fellow book enthusiasts. It’s a wonderful way to engage with literature in a social setting and enhance your overall reading experience.

Book clubs offer a unique opportunity to engage in lively discussions and gain new perspectives on literature, all while connecting with like-minded individuals. The diverse mix of people in a book club creates a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for conversation, eliminating the need for awkward small talk. Unsure of what to discuss? The book itself serves as a ready topic for conversation, making it easy to engage with others, even if you are meeting them for the first time. Joining a book club provides a space where you can bond over a shared love of reading and explore different viewpoints, enhancing your reading experience and social connections.

Book clubs provide a structured environment for members to meet regularly, fostering a sense of consistency and camaraderie. With scheduled meetings, it becomes easier to stay engaged and build connections with like-minded individuals. In the downtime between gatherings, members can easily engage in discussions about the current book, coordinate potluck contributions, or plan logistics for the next meeting. This ongoing communication outside of meetings helps maintain the group’s cohesion and keeps the conversation flowing effortlessly.

Tips for Joining the Right Book Club

When looking for a book club to join, there are a few considerations.

  1. Does the group read books you are actually interested in? You won’t want to read the book if you aren’t interested and that makes it hard to be an active participant in the conversations at the book club meeting.
  2. Do you want a small personal group that meets at someone’s house or a more formal community feel? For example, perhaps you want to join a library or community center-hosted book club.
  3. What frequency can you commit to? Not that you have to attend every meeting, but consistency is a huge part of making connections, so consider how often you feel you can show up.
  4. Do you prefer in-person, virtual, or perhaps more of an online forum format for more continuous interaction?

Different types of book clubs

Traditional Book Clubs

Traditional book clubs are where members meet in person to discuss books selected by the group. These gatherings often take place in homes, libraries, or cafes. Members share their thoughts on the chosen book and engage in lively discussions about various aspects of the story.

Some pros and cons of traditional book clubs include:

  • Pros: Face-to-face interactions, deeper discussions.
  • Cons: Limited by location, scheduling conflicts.

Online Book Clubs

Online book clubs offer flexibility and convenience for those who prefer virtual discussions. Members can participate from anywhere with an internet connection, making it easier to join discussions even with busy schedules. Platforms like Goodreads host online book clubs where readers can connect virtually.

Here are some key points about online book clubs:

  • Pros: Flexibility, accessibility.
  • Cons: Lack of face-to-face interaction, potential distractions.

Genre-Specific Book Clubs

Genre-specific book club members focus on particular types of literature such as mystery or romance novels. By joining a genre-specific club, readers get to explore their favorite genres more deeply and interact with like-minded individuals who share similar literary preferences.

Where to look for a book club

Your Community – Local Bookstores + Community Bulletin Boards

Local bookstores and community bulletin boards are excellent resources for finding book clubs in your area. Bookstores often host meetings and can provide information on how to join, offering a cozy ambiance for discussing books with like-minded individuals. Community bulletin boards in coffee shops or libraries frequently feature postings about local book clubs, serving as hubs for community events.


Local libraries are great places to find book clubs. They offer a variety of genres and have librarians who can help you find the right group. Book clubs at libraries provide a space for discussing books regularly, but spots may be limited, and some clubs may have specific genre preferences.

Utilizing social media to find book clubs

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups dedicated to book clubs are a great way to connect with other readers. Search for terms like “book club” or specific genres on Facebook to find groups tailored to your interests. Joining these clubs allows you to engage in literary discussions, attend meetings, and discover new books recommended by members. Many bookstores and libraries also have Facebook groups for their book clubs, offering a mix of local events and online interactions.

Leveraging Social Circles

Tap into your existing social circles when looking for a book club. Reach out to friends who share similar reading interests; they might already be part of a book club or interested in starting one with you. Joining a book club with friends can enhance the experience by providing familiar faces.

No existing social circle to tap into? It can be as simple as starting to let people know that you are on the lookout for a book club to join. Start casually mentioning your interests in conversations with others. For example, when someone asks how you have been, you can respond by saying, “Good. I’ve really been enjoying exploring the coffee culture here. I think that the next community I am on the lookout for is a book club to join.” By subtly mentioning your search for a book club in everyday conversations, you may receive introductions or recommendations from others who have connections. Keep mentioning it to different people you interact with throughout the day, and you will likely find a book club in no time.

Closing Thoughts

Whether you enjoy the coziness of a small gathering or the lively atmosphere of a large public library book club, these groups can open the door to meaningful connections. Conversations flow with more ease as everyone shares their thoughts on the book and comes together to delve deeper into its themes. Additionally, the regular meetings of a book club naturally nurture friendships and camaraderie.

So don’t wait! Attend a few meetings as a low-stakes way to gauge which group is right for you. Once you’ve found the right book club to join, embrace the sense of community and connection that comes with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can book clubs enhance my reading experience?

Joining a book club can truly enhance your reading experience in a multitude of ways. Firstly, it allows you to gain diverse perspectives on the books you read, opening your eyes to new interpretations and insights. Additionally, book clubs allow you to engage in discussions that can deepen your understanding and appreciation of the material. Furthermore, being part of a book club can introduce you to genres or authors you may not have explored, expanding your literary horizons. And let’s not forget the simple pleasure of sharing your love for a book with others – discussing and dissecting a story with fellow bookworms can be incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling. So, consider joining a book club to take your reading experience to the next level!

Where should I start looking for a book club?

I’d suggest tapping into your network or making this a casual topic of conversation throughout your day. If you don’t find what you are looking for that way, use local libraries, community centers, or Facebook groups to search for the book clubs in your area (or online!)

What are the benefits of using social media to find book clubs?

Utilize the power of social media to connect with fellow book lovers by exploring popular book-related hashtags like #booktok. These hashtags can serve as a gateway to a vast network of readers who share your interests, no matter how niche they may be. With social media, you can easily find like-minded individuals worldwide, expanding your literary community and discovering new perspectives on your favorite books.

How do I choose the right book club for me?

You may need to explore a few book clubs before finding the perfect fit, so don’t feel pressured to find the right one on your first try. Experiment with different groups, such as a small, intimate gathering or a more formal community club. Engage with online book club communities on social media platforms. Take your time to get a feel for each group, and eventually, you’ll discover the one that resonates with you. You might even find that you enjoy participating in multiple clubs that offer different experiences.

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