The Power of Vulnerability in Small Doses: Embracing Small Intimacies | EP74

Podcast Description

Sometimes to feel closer to our friends there’s this pressure to share our most vulnerable feelings or unearth some deep, dark secret. 

But what if I told you there are more ways to feel connected to our friends that are actually simpler, easier, and more common? That in fact, there are DOZENS of ways we’re trying to open up to each other, but because they’re not “big” shares, they’re often overlooked?

I believe we are all missing out on small moments of connection with our friends, and in this episode, I’ll describe this concept that I’ve mentioned many times but never dug into: small intimacies. 

My hope with this episode is to offer ways to shift the friendship culture and pay more attention to those small bids of connection, because as I’ve said before, friendship doesn’t have to be “all or nothing.” Sometimes those small intimacies are more than enough.

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Definitions of vulnerability and rejection and the roles they play in whether or not we allow small intimacies
  • Examples of small intimacies that are overlooked in friendship, from inviting somebody into your house to telling the truth when somebody asks how you are
  • Topics that are vulnerable or considered big shares for some people but not for others, which can be both “positive” and “negative” shares
  • The cycle of overthinking what we share to our friends and how we can open ourselves up to small intacies
  • The Roots of Connection framework which I talk about more in Episode 12

Resources & Links:

Learn more about my roots framework! And be sure to listen to Episode 12 if you haven’t already.

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Hi! I'm Alex.

I am just a person who has spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to understand some of the relationships that I hold most dear. I invite you to join in on the conversation below in the comments section below.

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Hi. I'm Alex.

I'm just a gal who cares deeply about community + friendship. Why? Well, I didn't have a healthy support system growing up.

So I built one... out of friends. I believe a healthy support system is the ultimate self-care.

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